PPT has been convenient in conveying a message or story by breaking it down into slides.It is widely used in corporate world.

Come join us in Vakhyavali on 12 April 2023 to showcase your talent and get a chance to win exciting rewards..

Registration Fee:FREE

Last date for registration : 11 April 2023

Theme:Any topic related to computer science and technology


PPT should be original work of participant.If any plagiarism is found,participant will be disqualified.

Minimum number of slides in PPT : 6

Maximum duration of presentation : 3 mins

Students from all colleges and branches are welcomed to participate.


First Prize: 500/-

Second Prize: 300/-

Winners are given cash prizes along with certificates.

NOTE:Winners are decided by jury and their decision is final.

Click on the link below to register for vakhyavali